Sunday, April 28, 2019

"The Heart Of A Volunteer" April...The Month of the Volunteer

Sister's Terry Martin and Margarita Castaneda, Congregation of Notre Dame, Montreal, Canada have impacted people of all faiths through their many years of dedicated work with both children and adults.  Their devotion to community service has been far reaching.  Teaching people to read and write, facilitating sewing classes county wide, and orchestrating cooking classes and community gardening projects have been just a few of the many remarkable ways that Sister's Terry and Margarita have impacted the lives of so many.   

Sunday, April 14, 2019

Meeting "Chesty" the mascot at Quantico, VA Book Signing

One of the many treats while sharing and book signing at The U.S. Marine Base,  Quantico,  Virginia is spending some time with "Chesty."  Very handsome "Chesty" is the mascot for "The Few and the Proud U.S. Marine Corps."

Meeting Brianna Sanborn at Quantico, VA Book Signing

Brianna Sanborn, a sophomore attending Gateway High School in Kissimmee, Florida is returning to Osceola School District with copies of my books.  I am grateful that my books will be shared with Brianna's community of learners.  Brianna and 43 members of the Gateway High School Drill Team are competing this weekend with high school drill teams at Quantico, Virginia.