Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Reconnecting With The Armed Forces Home, Washington D.C.

This summer, I reconnected with some of the staff members and the residents of The Armed Forces Home located in our nation's capital. The Armed Forces Home is one of America's oldest veteran's retirement homes. The Soldier's Home was established in 1851 as an "asylum for old and disabled veterans. Four of the original buildings still stand and are listed as national historic landmarks. Two of the buildings, Quarters 1 and the Lincoln Retreat served as the summer White House for U.S. Presidents-Chester Arthur, Rutherford B. Hayes, James Buchanan, and most notably, Abraham Lincoln. Lincoln lived at the Soldier's Home, in what is now called Lincoln Cottage during our nation's most turbulent history, the Civil War. Lincoln spent one-fourth of his presidency at the Soldier's Home, and it is believed that Lincoln wrote the last draft of the Emancipation Proclamation there.

Remembering Marjorie Ginsburg

On August 2, 2015, I attended a ceremony, "Celebrating A Long Life" for Marjorie Ginsburg.  Marjorie's family asked if I would join her family and friends in honoring her legacy, and speak about our friendship.  As I reflected on the years that Marjorie and myself worked together, volunteered together, and simply enjoyed spending time together, it was both a joyful and endearing experience to remember all that I had learned from Marjorie Ginsburg.