Tuesday, May 22, 2018

"Books + Friendship = Book Club" *

Wednesday afternoons at The Armed Forces Retirement Home located in Washington, DC, just outside the doors of the main library in a lovely reading room, the book club that has routinely met beginning September of 2017 continues to read, discuss, and critique great books. Being a member of "Glenna's Book Club," is such a fulfilling and all inspiring privilege-especially that I am sitting alongside America's Finest.

Meet Mila! She Found Us...

For more years than I can recall, our family has been surrounded by some of the most unique and irresistible four-legged creatures. More often than not, our family pets have found their way to us. Just recently while working with a national pet adoption service, we met and became the caregivers for one delightful six month old named Mila. Mila has won the hearts of our family...including our six year old rough and tough BOLT!